Peace, Love and 50M & Freak 50K

50 Miles and 50K are serious events … that we take seriously, man: RF Events is known for fun themes and wild events but behind the fun and hype, expect a safe, well run race. You work hard to get to the starting line and we understand your commitment and want you to know our commitment to you is just as serious. Thank you for putting your faith in our event; you are one far out groovy freak!

Race Registration: Race registration and packet pickup will begin at noon on Friday and race morning Saturday from 5AM – 5:45 AM.

Start Times:

50 Miles & 50K

6:00 AM Saturday
Far Out 5K (*Free!)
7:30 PM Friday
Feelin' Groovy 5K/10K (*Free!)
7:30 PM Saturday
Free Love 5 Mile (*Free!)
8:30 AM Sunday

**Entry into any of the *paid* Sat­ur­day Races gets you FREE entry into the 3 optional orga­nized runs of the week­end. If not in a paid race, par­tic­i­pants will need to pur­chase a Week­end Pass to participate.

Qualifying: There are no formal qualifications for this event except good judgment as to your fitness for such an event. The cut off times will be strictly enforced.

Time Limit: There will be a 14 hour time limit for the 50 Mile or 50K distance.

Mandatory Event Switching: 

  • 50 mile racers not on pace to finish within the time limit will be switched to 50K.
  • 50 milers have to finish the first 2 laps of the course in 9 hours to be allowed to continue.
  • If you (have to) switch, you will not be eligible for any awards but will be listed in the race results and receive a medal for the 50k distance.
  • If you've completed 33 miles (2 loops), you'll be scored as 50K finisher, time recorded as of 2nd loop completion
  • There is no drop down distance for 50K.

Voluntary Event Switching: You can voluntarily choose to drop at the Start/Finish area and be scored as described above.

Course: The course is repeat 16.6-mile loops comprising primarily of single-track trail. Besides a stretch on gravel, you'll cross paved roads a few times; there will be no traffic control and your safety will be your responsibility. 50 Mile does 3 loops, 50K does 2 loops (with shortcuts). The courses run clockwise.

Course Maps

View the 2024 50 Mile Course map HERE.

The 50K course differs from the 50 Mile course in 2 places; PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNAGE!

View the 2024 50K Course map HERE.

Please note the course may change slightly prior to race day.

Awards: 50 miles and 50K get you a peace sign medal. Also a very nice certificate of completion to all, available online after the race.
Groovy top 3 overall awards for men and women in all events and 3 deep in 5 year age groups!

Aid Stations: Aid will be at four manned aid stations for each 16.6-mile loop….so if yer countin’, you'll encounter aid roughly every 4-5 miles. We'll serve everything under the sun (and moon!). Soups, sandwiches …. The list is long, click here.

Pacers and Crew: The nature of a loop course makes for an event that can be enjoyed without pacers or crew. Our volunteer Run Woodstock Ultra aid Roadies will be there to help and encourage you to greatness and because of the hundreds of fellow ultra brothers and sisters on the course sharing your pain, you’ll never have to worry about setting out on the loop alone. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions!

Drop Bags: Drop bags will be at the Start/Finish area and at the Food for Love aid station so you'll have access to your bags about every 8 miles. The drop area at the Start/Finish is under a large tent to keep them dry. Also at the Start/Finish you'll be able to place your own drop bag and anything you want access to; your stuff will be where you put it! We’ll have chairs set up for changing footwear or just to collapse in. Food for Love drop bags will be brought back to the start/finish semi regularly (about every 4 hours or so) so we suggest you only put items in that bag that you don’t need back at the start/finish…and that you may or may not want to retrieve after the race.

Camping/Accommodations/Food/Airport: Plan on camping at the commune for the full Run Woodstock experience, see the camping link on the home page. Motel listing, location, and phone numbers are shown on the general information page. The park is about an hour drive from Detroit Metro Airport. Renting a car is your best bet to get around.

Sunrise/set: Sunrise – 7:07 AM - Sunset – 7:59 PM (Plus a half hour of civil twilight before and after those times.) (100M/100K will have about 4 hours after the start to see the whole 16.6 mile loop before it gets totally dark.) (The US Navy helps us with this, far out! )

Medical Checks: There will be no medical checks before, after or during the race. Each entrant is responsible for knowing his or her own physical limitations. We encourage each entrant to get a complete physical before participating in this race. If in the opinion of the race director or aid station captains, your physical or mental condition deteriorates to the point of endangering your safety, you will be withdrawn from the race.

Start Times

Friday - September 6

100 Mile & 100K - 2:00PM

Far Out 5K (Free!) - 7:30PM

Saturday - September 7

50 Mile & 50K - 6:00AM

Mellow Marathon & Hippie Half - 7:30AM

Flower Power 5 Mile - 8:00AM

1 Mile Fun Run & Kids' Dash - 3:15PM

Feelin' Groovy 5K (Free!) - 7:30PM

Sunday - September 8

Free Love 5 Mile (Free!) - 8:30AM