Course Info

Course: The course is on a mix­ture of sin­gle track, rail trail & horse trail. The course is dry, runnable & easy to fol­low. Just great trail run­ning, no stu­pid spots. Not like Dances With Dirt for those who are famil­iar with it.

Start/​Finish: All races start & fin­ish at Hell Creek Ranch in Pinck­ney, MI.

Far Out 5K (Fri­day night), Feelin’ Groovy 5K/​10K (Sat­ur­day night) & Free Love 5 Mile (Sun­day morn­ing) require $20 week­end pass (also included with any timed race entry)!

The events are run on 3 dif­fer­ent loops:
Ele­va­tion Gain
(ft per loop)
Event # of Loops Total Ele­va­tion
Gain (ft)
Pink 16.6 1301 100M 6 7806
100K 4 4725
50M 3 3903
50K 2 2602
Blue 13.1 813 Marathon 2 1626
Half Marathon 1 813
White 5 470 5 Mile 1 470


Course Maps:

Hip­pie poster map (like this one, man)

Pinck­ney State Park map (includes sup­port drive route)

(See indi­vid­ual event pages for more detail.)

Three Full Days Of…


LIVE MUSIC The band gets busy at 4:30pm Friday


RUN­NING WILD Just the way God intended us to do it


FREE­ING YOUR SOLE Yoga, Hip­pie Hikes, Tie Dye, Nat­ural Runs and More


Week­end Lineup

Fri­day: Lemon James rocks at 3:55 with the National Anthem to send off the far out 100 mil­ers. You don’t want to miss this, also yoga at 5 pm, night run at 7:30 and rock and roll!
Sat­ur­day: The party starts to get seri­ous Sat­ur­day morn­ing about 6am when Randy cranks up the micro­phone to usher in the run­ning of the Peace, Love and 50M/​K start and the races start
Sun­day: Get ready to boo­gie down on the Free Love 5 Mile that has a long his­tory of blow­ing minds and set­ting you free at the same time … then the sad trip home …
Full 3-​day Schedule