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    Woodstock Festival
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    Early AM Hippies

September 11th - 13th in 2020!

2020 race and camping registration is open!


An event filled weekend but lots of time to mellow, meditate and make out. Entry into any Saturday morning run/walk event or weekend pass gets you entry into all the weekend laid back runs, hippie hikes, music, yoga and nonsense!

Flower Power 5 Mile, Hippie Half, Mellow Marathon, Freak 50K, Peace Love & 50 Miles, Happening 100K and the Hallucination 100 Mile!

Get in a run, mellow out, listen to tunes, do some yoga and go for another run! Or just come for the music!... At Run Woodstock, find harmony and get into the groove, and invite your body to regain its karmic balance.

Tie dye, peace signs and other head shop looking race paraphernalia.

The 100 mile finisher's belt buckle is far out! Every finisher gets a groovy peace sign medal! Other cool hippie stuff for everyone! Fire up the underground and spread the word.

Peace out brothers and sisters ... and get out for a run, man.

Bring Your Tent Man

In case you have not realized full awareness, RunWoodstock is in harmony with a groovy campground/commune that allows you and your tent to become one with nature...

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The Ultimate Weekend Boogie

Run Woodstock is a party that begins on Friday and goes for days and days (ending Sunday of course)...

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Three Full Days Of...


LIVE MUSIC The band gets busy at 4:30pm Friday


RUNNING WILD Just the way God intended us to do it


FREEING YOUR SOLE Yoga, Hippie Hikes, Tie Dye, Natural Runs and More


Weekend Lineup

Friday: Lemon James rocks at 3:55 with the National Anthem to send off the far out 100 mil­ers. You don’t want to miss this, also yoga at 5 pm, night run at 7:30 and rock and roll!
Saturday: The party starts to get seri­ous Sat­ur­day morn­ing about 6am when Randy cranks up the micro­phone to usher in the run­ning of the Peace, Love and 50M/K start and the races start
Sunday: Get ready to boo­gie down on the Free Love 5 Mile that has a long his­tory of blow­ing minds and set­ting you free at the same time ... then the sad trip home ...
Full 3-day Schedule