Why "Run Woodstock"?

Goat Ram­blings about Run Wood­stock…

I’m sure many of you dream up ideas for a new run­ning event you would some­day like to put on, the kind of race you per­son­ally would love to run in … Or is it only me that has this prob­lem? For­tu­nately, I have an event com­pany with a great staff of obsessed event put-er-on-er types that I can throw my ideas off … And then, put the dreams to real­ity, if they let me ... and they did!

So Run Wood­stock was born, 3 days of peace, love, music and run­ning, or should I say 3 days of run­ning, which we love, and the peace that it brings. OK, admit­ted, I’m an old hip­pie at heart, I was only a kid when Wood­stock took place but the sounds and sights of that mel­low era are favorites of mine. Put on the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album, De JA Vu and if it makes you smile, you will def­i­nitely want to join us at runwoodstock.com

When a member of our staff suggested putting on Michigan’s only 100 mile run (Yikes!) and we discussed the logistics and all it would take put on a 100 mile run and the fact that we’d be out at the park all week­end it rekindled a spark of an idea of an event I had been hashing over for some time, Run Wood­stock. What I pictured was a weekend of running, kind of a 3 day running camp with the addition of some great classic rock bands. Instead of a race you fit into your weekend, it would be a weekend centered completely on running. The idea of a 100 mile race seemed a good fit, heck; we’ll need to be there all week­end any­way. The result has been pure magic, far more than the sum of our ideas ...

We offer every event dis­tance imag­in­able for the Run Wood­stock week­end, allowing people to pick and choose, making the event weekend they need to set their soul free!

There seems to be two main themes to Run Woodstock, those coming to take on the challenge of a seriously long run in a far out supportive environment created by all that goes on at Run Woodstock,
and those who are attracted to the idea of a week­end of multiple trail runs, music, hikes, yoga, and perhaps putting in the most miles ever ran in a weekend or the most events they have ever done in 3 days!

Run Woodstock offers a wide range of professionally timed event distances. RF Events and the roadies of Run Woodstock take each of these events seriously and have great respect for the personal challenge each of you choose. Whether you enter the 100 mile, 100k, 50 mile, 50K, marathon, half marathon or 5 mile, you can expect a first class race experience. When you enter any of these runs or camp with us, we throw in fun organized runs that include the Fri­day night 5k, Sat­ur­day night 5K/5 mile and Sun­day morn­ing 5 mile. Not to mention, yoga, a hippy hike to Hell and the option to get in some natural miles.

We hope you join us at the Woodstock Camp and release your inner hippy as we run, lis­ten­ to great music, hang­ out around the camp­fire, go for moon­light swims, and escape reality for a while. We need this.

Peace Out,

The Head Goat

Start Times

Friday - September 6

100 Mile & 100K - 2:00PM

Far Out 5K (Free!) - 7:30PM

Saturday - September 7

50 Mile & 50K - 6:00AM

Mellow Marathon & Hippie Half - 7:30AM

Flower Power 5 Mile - 8:00AM

1 Mile Fun Run & Kids' Dash - 3:15PM

Feelin' Groovy 5K (Free!) - 7:30PM

Sunday - September 8

Free Love 5 Mile (Free!) - 8:30AM