Woodstock Festival
Very Happy Runners
Early AM Hippies

Wood­stock Festival

Randy warms up the crowd doing his ver­sion of Do You Believe in Magic

Very Happy Runners

Most run­ners report a “seri­ous head rush” dur­ing this race

Early AM Hippies

Really cool run­ners catch­ing the ulti­mate early morn­ing buzz

Bring stuff. Fun easy food for energy (and some extra to share). NO restric­tions on food and bev­er­ages com­ing into the camp so fill that cooler. A cou­ple gal­lons of water are always handy. Bring cloth­ing for what­ever the week­end brings. Tarps, umbrel­las, tents, bug spray, sun screen … Hot, cold, or rainy can all be fun when you have the right gear, start pack­ing. For sure bring a camp chair and a blan­ket to lounge on.

Love thy neigh­bor. Leave the world out there out there, and while you’re in here, take advan­tage of your one shot to make the most of your expe­ri­ence. Savor the vibe, dig the scene. Get to know your neigh­bors, ask them about their plans for Run Wood­stock and share yours with them. Get on the same astral plane when it comes to par­ty­ing like rock stars or lay­ing low before the chal­lenge before you. Com­mu­ni­cate. Hugs always work. Cheer for every­one!

Choose Hap­pi­ness. Dig the scene with an open mind and pos­i­tive thoughts. Avoid neg­a­tive vibes and refuse to get sucked into any black holes. If it feels good do it, if it feels icky, dance away from it. Let your hair down. Try yoga, dance, hike, run at night, per­haps run nat­ural. For­get the watch and add an extra loop, per­haps run the most miles you ever went!

Your spe­cial, cre­ative touch will make Run Wood­stock more spe­cial than any­thing else! The Run Wood­stock vibe is cre­ated by the sum of all the parts we all add. The hippy touches to your camp­site, your hippy look and the flags, posters and toys you bring make Run Wood­stock hip.

Keep it beau­ti­ful. Liv­ing together in close quar­ters only works with peace, love and … trash removal. Visit the recy­cle sta­tion before stuff piles up and pick up after each other.

Imag­ine. They may say we are dream­ers, but Run Wood­stock proves, we are not the only ones. Spread the word and invite them to join us, and the world will run as one.

Peace out

Three Full Days Of …


LIVE MUSIC The band gets busy at 4:30pm Friday


RUN­NING WILD Just the way God intended us to do it


FREE­ING YOUR SOLE Yoga, Hip­pie Hikes, Tie Dye, Nat­ural Runs and More

Week­end Lineup

Fri­day: The band kicks off at 3:55 with the National Anthem to send off the far out 100 mil­ers. You don’t want to miss either of these.
Sat­ur­day: The party starts to get seri­ous Sat­ur­day morn­ing about 6am when Randy cranks up the micro­phone to usher in the run­ning of the Peace, Love and 50M/​K start.
Sun­day: Get ready to boo­gie down on the Free Love 5 Mile that has a long his­tory of blow­ing minds and set­ting you free at the same time.
Full 3-​day Schedule


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